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22nd April 2017

Hello! It’s been WAY too long since I last shared a monthly favourites here on my blog, so I thought it was about time I showed you lovely lot a few of the things I’ve been enjoying of late. My life has been taken over by revision recently, and exams are quickly approaching (which terrifies me), so the last few months have been increasingly hectic and, subsequently, stressful. As a result, a lot of this month’s faves are either education-related or things I like to do in the meantime: things which have been helping me to keep calm and carry on. It’s definitely important to focus on the things you love in stressful times, to remind you what you’re doing it all for. So, without further ado, these are my April Favourites…

LAB Series


Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling stressed, my skin almost IMMEDIATELY gives it away. Thankfully, the lovely people over at LAB Series have stepped in to save the day with their incredible men’s skincare range. The ‘Urban Blue Detox Clay Mask’, in particular, has been much appreciated in my down-time, helping me to take a step back and just chill out for a bit. I have to admit, I’d never even considered using a face-mask before, but I was certainly missing out. This purifying mask treatment is perfect to keep your skin looking healthy and clear, unclogging your pores and reducing excess oil!

Pastel Highlighters


Yes, you read that right. PASTEL HIGHLIGHTERS. OH MY GOD. Stationery gods Stabilo have answered every student’s prayers and created a set of six new pens which are much more subtle than their classic range. The set includes pastel shades of blue, green, orange, purple, pink, and, best of all, the most perfect yellow highlighter you’ve EVER seen. I know this may sound like I’m way too excited over something rather mundane, but the inner stationery nerd inside me was BUZZING when I discovered these. They make your work look so much more tidy and less harsh to view; perfect for the perfectionist. Honestly, I’m more than a tad obsessed.

HP Printer


The HP DeskJet has been an absolute god-send for me this month, and I couldn’t make an April Favourites without including it. This is a super slim printer which takes up very little room in your desk area, ideal for any student working with a tight space, and I know it’ll be the first thing I pack when I head to university later this year. It’s also wireless, meaning you can print from any device in your house… including your smartphone! Pictures of my friends and I often just get lost somewhere in the camera-roll abyss, never to be seen again, but being able to print them so easily has made sure I can keep them somewhere safe to look back on. The print quality is so good I’ve even managed to make myself a poster for my wall! I can’t recommend this product enough.

Khalid – American Teen


The soundtrack to my April has been ‘American Teen’ – the debut album by singer-songwriter Khalid. You may recognise the name from his popular first single ‘Location’, tackling the complexities of twenty-first-century love in this so-called ‘digital age’. His smooth lyrics celebrate being a teenager, and are brought to life by his gentle, albeit powerful, vocals. My personal favourites include ‘Another Sad Love Song’, ‘8TEEN’, and ‘Young Dumb & Broke’, but the whole album works together so well as a collection, intricately linked by common themes and a distinctive voice. Definitely give this a listen and learn the catchy lyrics now, because I guarantee Khalid is going to be EVERYWHERE pretty soon.

Topman Trousers


In terms of fashion, my staple item in the last few months has been this pair of Topman cropped black trousers. These have a relaxed fit, and are so incredibly comfortable I actually wore them on TWO transatlantic flights. They’re also extremely versatile, and can be worn either formally or casually, though my favourite way to style them is with a pair of trainers, a stripey tee (tucked in) and a denim jacket. I feel like they’re the perfect transitional item for Spring, and immediately make you look like you’ve got your sh*t together… even when you don’t! What more you could you ask for, really?

Milk and Honey


Finally for this month, we have Rupi Kaur’s stunning poetry book, ‘Milk and Honey’. Split into different sections of ‘the hurting’, ‘the loving’, ‘the breaking’, and ‘the healing’, this follows Rupi’s personal journey through heartache and trauma, as well as tackling issues of race and femininity in a wider context. I always say that the best poetry makes you feel heartbreak even when your heart is not broken, and this collection perfectly embodies that for me. I keep it on my bedside table, and love to just pick it up every so often, flick to a random page and read something beautiful.

By Jack Edwards

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