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UK male lifestyle and travel blogger Jack Edwards shares a piece of creative writing titled 'The Fall'

20th April 2016

Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Jack Edwards and I am a student, lifestyle and travel blogger at The Jack Experience. I live near Brighton, a sunny English seaside town with an electric and eccentric atmosphere. With this post I'll be your personal tour guide, giving you an insider view on the top student spots in Brighton! This post is in collaboration with New Look, who just launched their awesome Student Content Hub (including 20% off student discount!) which you can check out here!



Be a Tourist:


I'll start with the obvious: Brighton Pier. The Pier is probably the most popular tourist attraction, and it's very rare to find the arcades not packed with giddy gamblers, testing their luck on slot machines in the hope of winning a cuddly bear or, more realistically, a colourful yo-yo. The Pier opened in 1899 and is home to the best fresh donuts which will ever tingle your tastebuds, as well as a series of high speed rollercoasters which will leave your knuckles whiter than a vanilla ninety-nine. While the rollercoasters aren't necessarily cheap, they're worth a ride if you're looking for something to get your pulses racing (if the wafting scent of freshly baked donuts doesn't do that for you already). You’ll often spot students queueing up for these rides, particularly ‘The Booster’ which catapults you right into the air above the sea!


(Loose) Change It Up:


For the more tame (or sane) of us students, the arcade is where you'll find us. Lots of the machines only require small change, so you can either change up a few pound coins into pennies or bring some from home. You can spend hours playing on the different machines without spending much money at all. I have really fond memories of going to the arcade as a child and saving up our pennies in a small bag to use on the slot machines. The arcades are designed to entertain people of all ages, and it's very rare not to be buzzing with life. If you don't fancy the fun of the fair, walking along the pier is absolutely free and provides a breathtaking view of Brighton not to be missed. This is a really cost-effective way to spend your time if you’re a student not looking to blow the bank!



Student Discount and Fish + Chips = The Best Combo!


A variety of quaint little shops line the pebble beach, which makes for a lovely walk, especially on a warm day. Where you'll find me and many other students is on the seafront, taking refuge from the harsh seaside winds in one of the notorious fish and chips shops of Brighton. Lots of these restaurants offer student discount which brings the price of a filling fish and chips meal to roughly £5/6. The fish + chip shop nearest to the Pier (they don’t really have names so I’ll have to be a little vague – sorry!) offers the best chicken nuggets in Brighton (trust me) and will do a fantastic student discount for you. Just make sure you eat it all before the seagulls do!


Bake Me Happy


On the topic of delicious food, Brighton is home to a series of lovely tea-rooms and cafés, often one-of-a-kind. A personal favourite is the Angel Food Bakery, which bakes the most incredible cupcakes (salted caramel and cookies n cream being my person faves) and potentially the best gooey brownie I have ever had the pleasure of eating. The staff are all really friendly, and the café is a hidden gem in the heart of Brighton's lanes. A hot drink and a (surprisingly filling) cake will cost you no more than £6, but is so much better than your typical franchised coffee shop chain - trust me, it's so worth branching out. Café Coho, Bluebird Tea Co. and The Flour Bakery are also very popular with the locals - and very popular with my stomach.



Above the Lanes


For lunch, Kensington’s The Balcony Café is the place to be. This is a hidden café, found in Kensington Gardens, situated in the heart of the lanes. A very colourful staircase will take you immediately from the hustle and bustle of the popular lanes to a pleasant balcony just above, with a splendid view and a few pesky pigeons. The sandwiches are incredible (I’d recommend the chicken, bacon, avocado and mayo ciabatta), or there’s a selection of snacky foods availably too. An enormous plate of nachos comes to just £5 and is perfect for sharing. You’ll find the balcony filled with students slurping milkshakes and having a chat in the sun – it’s the perfect setting for a cost-effective lunch.



Suitable for all (Vint)Ages


Also in the lanes are an eclectic selection of vintage shops, which are well worth a look if you want to spot a bargain. Beyond Retro, Dirty Harry and To Be Worn Again are always stocked up with the best vintage clothing – so have a little rummage through and find a hidden gem. It’s definitely worth trying things on though, because the sizes are often quite different to the high street. Their clothes are perfect for wearing on campus and can add something really cool and old-school to your outfit. Plus, each item is usually one of a kind so you definitely won’t accidentally clash with someone else in your lecture! There are also various markets which pop up in Brighton from time to time, so be sure to check online before you go so you know exactly where to look! Alternatively, if you’re more into high-street fashion, New Look’s massive Brighton store can be found on Western Street!


Brighton Rock n Roll


As the day begins to fade, all the students head off to various gig venues to listen to some fantastic music. Brighton plays host to some awesome music venues, such as The Haunt and Concorde 2 (where you’ll find indie up-and-coming bands before anyone else) and the stunning Brighton Dome. The Great Escape festival is held in a variety of venues over a weekend in the summer and has a habit of spotting global talent before the rest of the world does. Previous line-ups include lesser-known acts such as Bastille, Ed Sheeran and Adele. It’s definitely worth spending the weekend exploring the different gigs (one wristband will get you in pretty much everywhere) and spotting your next favourite band.

And there you have it – a fun day out in Brighton! Everything of interest is in walking distance from Brighton’s train station so you shouldn’t really need to spend money on public transport during your time here – all the more to spend on donuts, I suppose. Thanks to New Look for setting me this challenge – it’s weird how much I take for granted the place I live. It’s been really fun to explore the city I am so familiar with and see things for the first time again. Don’t forget to follow me on my social media (@jackbenedwards) and check out my Youtube channel and blog to see where my adventures will take me next. Thanks for reading and have a lovely day. Until next time, goodbye!


DISCLAIMER: This blog post is in collaboration with New Look, however all opinions are my own.



By Jack Edwards

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