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No matter who you are or what time of year it is, everybody needs a stylish jacket in their life. Perhaps my favourite item of clothing EVER, this coat by Jasper Conran is perfect. The coat is knee-length, yet surprisingly light. Every detail has been created with perfection, down to the last button (see below). The best thing about this jacket is that it can be worn for all occasions. Here I've teamed it with some black ripped jeans and a casual black t-shirt, but the possibilities are endless. A crisp white shirt or a warm woolly jumper would both go really well also. For an instant touch of class to any outfit, a Jasper Conran mac is the only way to go.

T H E  J A C K E T

Debenhams has loads of great stores all under one roof, so there's always something for everyone! On a recent trip to London's Oxford Street, I picked up two t-shirts from two of my personal favourites: Levi's and Fred Perry. These will be great for summer, adding effortless style to any outfit. Both t-shirts have relatively simplistic designs and could be paired with some denim shorts or jeans. I chose to roll up the sleeves because apparently that fashion and, as the ancient proverb (????) states; "sun's out... guns out"

T H E  T - S H I R T S

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T H E  S H I R T

The classic, formal white shirt is the staple item that every man needs in his wardrobe. This one is from Hammond & Co. at Debenhams and I absolutely love it. Here I've demonstrated a few ways to wear the shirt; either on its own, with a sharp suit or alongside some old-fashioned braces. The crisp shirt is nicely fitted, without squeezing you in so hard that the outline of your intestines are on display (I'm really good at fashion jargon). For an instantly classy and understated look which will still turn heads, this is the perfect choice. Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant represents fine tailoring and a quintessentially British style which I'm obsessed with. 

'Rogue Man' is the first fragrance for men by global megastar and all-round beauty Rihanna. The fragrance is comprised of fresh citrus, herbs and cederwood (amongst other things) and provides a really masculine and woody scent which lingers for a long time. A great smell is the best way to make a first impression and is the hidden accessory to any outift. This one will definitely leave heads-turning and nostrils sniffing, if you're into that kind of thing.

T H E  F R A G R A N C E

Every great outfits demands good footwear, so don't let yourself down when it comes to what you're walking in. These chelsea boots from Dune at Debenhams are absolutely perfect for both casual or formal. They're like the chameleon of footwear, adapting to either scenario depending on what they're matched with. With pointed toes and smooth leather, this is the perfect final touch.

T H E  S H O E S

Hello! Today I'd like to share a little lookbook / haul from Debenhams, one of my favourite quintessentially British brands for a classy and stylish look. This is a bit of a different post to usual but something I'd love to do more of! Have a gander and scroll through the short gallery below. Links for all items will be at the bottom of the page - enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I did not purchase these items myself, with the exception of two featured t-shirts (Levi's and Fred Perry) and the Thomas Nash tie. However all of these opinions are 100% genuinely my own, and not those of Debenhams themselves. I will always be totally honest with you, and these products are ones that I genuinely love. Thank you for reading and have a lovely day.

By Jack Edwards

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