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Questions and Answers... Get to know me!

11th September 2014

Hello! This is my first blog post since my website launched and I just want to thank everyone who's had a look so far! Your support has been absolutely incredible and I can't thank you enough.


I thought perhaps it'd be a good way to kick off the website by helping you lovely readers get to know me a little better. I asked for some questions on Twitter and recieved hundreds of tweets in return. Again, cheers - this post would've been pretty crap without any questions. I tried not to ramble on too much but as usual my impeccable verbosity overcame my target from even the very first question.

If I could go anywhere in the world I’d definitely go back to Australia. We stayed over there for a while when I was ten (2008-2009) and it was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. It was so interesting travelling all around the country and exploring different cultures and areas all in one extremely diverse country. One place really sticks out in my mind and that’s when we travelled to Hamilton Island. It was literally the most beautiful and pictureque place and I wish I could’ve stayed there forever. In the evenings everyone would go down to the beach to watch the sunset and there was just a really positive vibe everywehere you went. If I could go back there, even just for one day, I’d do it in a heartbeat - though does it count if the flight there takes 24 hours alone?

I watch quite a lot of youtubers so it’s very hard to pick a solitary favourite. I’d say my two stand-out channels would have to be JacksGap (because I love travel and how aesthetically pleasing their videos are) and MirandaSings (because she’s absolutely hilarious and never fails to cheer me up). In 2012 I actually attended Summer in the City where I met loads of cool youtubers (inc. Tyler Oakley, Zoe Sugg, Troye Sivan, Jim Chapman, Louise Pentland and Joe Sugg) who I also watch and adore. I think it’s really great how much their personalities shine through and they all seemed lovely! If I could recommend one youtuber, it would be Ania Mags. She puts an awful lot of work into her videos and is definitely one of the most under-rated channels online. 

I’ve always loved the idea of living in central London which is something I’m determined to do at some point. I live in the countryside relatively close to London but the buzz of bustling cities has always appealed to me – it’s just so fascinating that there’s always something going on! 

My Song 5, I Forget Where We Were, Happy Little Pill, I’m Not The Only One, Left Hand Free, As Luck Would Have It... my favourite song literally changes every 30 seconds.

The Breakfast Club is one of my favourite ever films. For those who don’t know, it’s a film set entirely in a classroom detention with five central protagonists each explaining why they’re there. It sounds like a really basic plotline, but that’s the genius of it all. The character development is just fantastic and due to its simplicity it shows that you don’t need a massive budget to make a really amazing (and successful) film. Each character is an extreme stereotype (jock, goth, nerd, popular girl, badass) but revert from this in a really clever way. My other favourite film is The Truman Show starring Jim Carrey – a film about a man who realises that his entire life is actually a set-up TV show… everyone he knows and loves are actually just employed actors. It’s incredibly gripping, emotional and completely different to anything else I’ve seen.

I haven’t watched an extortionate number of horror movies but the ones I have I’ve (mostly) really enjoyed. I’d say my favourites are (1) The Awakening because it really messes with your brain and (2) Sinister because I watched it for the first time with all my favourite people and I just remember that day being a really happy day. I know that doesn’t really justify being my ‘fave’ so to speak but I really enjoyed watching it. The film is good but the company was better so leaves a lasting positive impression. I'm an incredibly soppy person basically.

Not even slightly. Howeverrrr can we all just appreciate this amazing picture 'nopekid' drew of me on Instagram!!!! I’m literally obsessed with it, he’s so talented!

I don’t generally eat much fast food – in fact the last time I ate McDonalds was the 6th of January (I’m not entirely sure why I remember that, I was on the way home from France and had my first ever McFlurry – a monumental occasion) – but if I do then it’s chicken nuggets all the way.

Honestly, recently I’ve actually been too busy not to be productive. I like to give myself projects, deadlines and schedules. Make it feel like doing something little is an achievement because you can tick it off somewhere. I try not to do anything without purpose and if I can’t work something out then I take a break to give my brain time to think rather than stressing. Ultimately I’d say it’s important to enjoy what you’re doing by making it interesting to you and remembering what you’ll gain from doing it. If you keep thinking about that then productiveness comes naturally.


I actually spent quite a lot of time thinking about this. Firstly, I’m pretty sure finger sized legs would not be very practical as they wouldn’t even be able to hold your weight; you’d just keep collapsing. This would therefore be pointless. On the other hand (literally), leg sized fingers would be perfect because if someone got on your nerves then slapping them would definitely shut them up. I’m not a violent person but it’s just a precaution if necessary.

I’d really love to visit China, Thailand and Japan because of their amazing culture, history and architecture. It seems like a totally different planet and I feel like I haven’t properly experienced the world until I’ve been there. Closer to home, I’d really like to visit more European countries (especially their major cities) in a massive trip – potentially what I’ll do in my gap year with a group of friends. That’s the dream, anyway!

“How many more hours sleep can I get away with before I’m late to something” “WHO WOKE ME UP I WILL HURT YOU” "ew school" “Is it really 2pm already?”

I feel like stone-hearted monster but I actually didn’t cry. I’m not a very emotional person with films generally. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was really sad but not worthy of my body fluids (potentially the most disgusting description of tears, sorry). The book was more powerful but again the monster that is myself didn’t cry. Sozzles Hazel Grace.

I study Spanish GCSE at school and have somehow managed to get A* in my speaking exam but that’s the extent of my knowledge. It’s literally been a memory game thus far, I’m not just being incredibly obnoxious. Actually, I did study French at my primary school as an afternoon club but being a care-free and food-obsessed seven year old I spent most of the time eating breadsticks and colouring the pictures of my textbook without even looking at the vocabulary. I’m hoping to learn a bit of Latin at College but at the moment my language skills are limited.

It was an extremely long process and it’s still really strange that I actually managed it. I had to do a lot of presentations, interviews and speeches to even be shortlisted. It definitely wasn’t as easy as “hmmmm I think we’ll have that one”. Honestly I never expected to get the position, I’d kind of written myself off because so many of my amazing friends applied. It’s incredibly surreal but hopefully I’m doing a good job. I haven’t completely destroyed the school (yet) so that can only be seen as a positive thing.

The last person I texted (having a conversation with her now) was my friend Ally. I met her properly over the past summer and she’s quickly become one of my closest friends. Ally is literally one of the most hilarious and easy-going people I know and I could chat to her all day. You know when you meet people and you just wish you could’ve known them forever? Hi Ally if you’re reading this!

I enjoy a real variety of music genres dependant on my mood. Sometimes I enjoy really chilled back music like London Grammar and other times all I need is a bit of Kanye. I mostly listen to bands who I guess would be labelled as ‘alternative’ but I don’t mind a *little* bit of chart stuff. Sometimes all you need is a full-blast jam to ‘Anaconda’. Anything but dubstep really, there’s just something about the ‘soundboard epileptic fit’ style that doesn’t appeal to me.

Arctic Monkeys, Bastille and alt-J are my three overall favourites, though at the moment I’m also loving Milky Chance and Saint Raymond. 

5”9 or just above... I think?? (praying for a bit of extra growth because 6 foot would be so cool)

I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint, I’m quite inadequate when it comes to tongue-tricks. Not that I particularly want to be able to lick my elbow, actually.

Loads of psychological studies have shown that a vast majority of our early memories are actually just a construction based on what other people have told us. I can’t say I remember exactly what life was like in the womb but I think my first proper memories are just boring ones like playing with toys or sitting in the backseat of our car with my brother when he was little. How underwhelming… sorry!

This has definitely been my most requested blog article. It’s coming soon but I’m a little unsure as to what approach I should take. I’ve had this problem recently too so I’m worried I’ll accidentally hurt someone’s feelings – that’s definitely not what this blog is about. However, I still want to share some advice and I feel the way to do that is by sharing personal experience. Either way, watch this space!

Unfortunately I’ve never experienced a taco bell, but I like homemade tacos if that answers your question?? I’m hoping to visit the US of A again sometime soon so I’ll make sure to try out some proper American food!

Obviously I won’t give too much away (because like privacy and shit) but I’m from England, UK. I live in a little market-town right in between the city, the countryside and the coast. That’s the perfect mix for me!

I’ve always wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. As a young child I’d always be writing little fictitious stories based on exaggerated real-life experiences I had with my family. I want my writing to make people happy and inspire others. That’s the dream! Other than that, I’ve always wanted to skydive… but then again I also don’t ever want to jump out of a plane. I’m still debating that one.

Invisibility because I could cause all sorts of mischief with that. Or the ability to read minds, I can imagine that would be quite interesting.

I wanted to create a website as an excuse to write exactly the way I want. I’ve had a really amazing reception and that’s totally settled my nerves over launching this site. The fact that this is ultimately my life and my thoughts makes it even more surreal that any of you are reading this. My main aim, however, is just to make people happy. When people tweet me saying that one of my posts really cheered them up then that equally puts me in a good mood too. I’ve gone to bed smiling so many times recently because of a lovely little comment. I really do appreciate you being here on my blog. In regards to what you can expect… I’ve got so much planned! Expect tutorials, DIY projects, more ‘essentials’ style posts, personal stuff, self-help, photo galleries and so much more! I want to make this blog truly my own and share with you everything that I love.

Thanks again to everyone for sending me such wonderful questions and giving me the opportunity to talk about my favourite subject (myself) for an entire blog post. I answered a lot more questions than I was intending to initially but hopefully this Q&A will suffice for a couple of years now and then I'll do another.


As always, your comments are hugely appreciated; I love knowing whether you agree or disagree! Don't forget you can also tweet me with any other question and I'll reply. Until next time, bye!

By Jack Edwards

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