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By Jack Edwards

The Christmas Tag

8th December 2014

Hello there! It’s now December, which basically means that Christmas is on the horizon. I can’t say I’m currently feeling particularly festive (bah humbug, I know), so I decided to get into the spirit by collating a few questions for a new ‘Christmas Tag’. I’ve got ten Christmas-related quezzies which I shall answer below and I’ll then tag four other bloggers or youtubers to also (hopefully) A my Qs. I must warn you, however, that the Christmas puns are pouring like a glass of mulled wine from the offset. I know you love it really.


1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

Besides eating triple my body weight in food, my favourite things about the festive season include wearing funky, (read: hideously ugly) Christmas jumpers and being with my family. I know it’s ultra-cheesy, but my family are more tightly-knit than the fabric on a Christmas stocking and I really enjoy spending time with them. I also love participating in a Secret Santa every year, though I spend far too much time searching relentlessly until finding the perfect gift. Christmas is a really jolly time, with a happy atmosphere everywhere you go, which I simply can’t get enough of! Also, Quality Street is heaven in a box - JUST SAYIN'.


2. How will your Christmas tree be decorated this year?

My family tends to opt for a traditional colour scheme of red, white, gold or silver every Christmas, so I assume this will be the same this year. When I was younger, my brother and I used to receive a new Christmas decoration which we could add to the tree on Christmas morning – so they’ll be there too, alongside my Mum's precious Harrods baubles. I imagine a photograph of me will be placed atop the tree, because I am the only star allowed in this house.

Update: the Christmas tree is decorated silver and red... snazzy.


3. When did you (or when will you) start Christmas shopping?

I actually started my Christmas shopping for this year about halfway through November. I spent around £30 on socks – mostly for myself, I must admit. Either way, this is an achievement for me.


4. To Brussel sprout or not to Brussel sprout?

If brussel sprouts were to add me as a friend on Facebook, I suppose our relationship could only be branded as ‘it’s complicated’. I used to quite enjoy the odd sprout, but in recent years my tastebuds found sense and have rejected even the sight of them. That is, besides my wind-up plastic brussel sprout (which I won in a cracker one year) whom I have inspiringly named Brussel Brand.


5. What are your favourite Christmas films? Why?



6. What is your most hated Christmas song?

I’m afraid I must reveal that my least favourite Christmas song is The 12 Days of Christmas. It’s not the tune itself that I find the problem, more the concept itself. I feel that this song does not very accurately represent what people ask for Christmas; who the frickity frack wants a partridge in a pear tree for Christmas? Though I don’t have a ‘true love’ to shower in presents myself, I’m pretty sure any gal would be somewhat disappointed if you rocked up with just three French hens. Guys, stick with the Victoria’s Secrets gift-cards for now. 


7. Which smells define Christmas for you?

When I hear the word ‘Christmas’ (or ‘xmas’ to you street kidz), my mind immediately floats away to a beautiful land of pine and hot chocolate scents. If I were a snowman, then I imagine the scent of Christmas (or any time, for that matter) is simply: carrot. If this is the first blog post of mine that you're reading... I promise that my jokes aren't always as bad this (they are).


8. Do you have any annual Christmas traditions?

In the Edwards household, Christmas begins when our little statue of Father Christmas is placed upon the fireplace. After years of finding his way to the bottom of our chimney, he is unfortunately carrying a few minor injuries. He’s currently missing an arm, a nose and a foot. Decapitated limbs are so in this year, FYI.


9. What would you like for Christmas this year?

I’m always looking forward to Father Christmas gracing us with his presents (I did warn you about the awful Christmas puns, to be fair), though I haven’t asked specifically for much this Chrimbo; I’ll be happy with a hefty reading pile of books to last me until at least 2019, a funky drinking mug and a nifty pair of socks.


10. How are you celebrating Christmas and New Year?

For me, Christmas this year is followed by something far more exciting. On Boxing Day I’ll be heading out to Courchevel (France) to spend New Year skiing! I can’t even explain how excited I am for my second skiing holiday, which of course I shall write about for my blog. Obviously Christmas is still incredibly exciting, I’ve been decorating the tree today (as I write this post), wearing my favourite sweater and just feeling very jolly overall. Michael Buble is officially back on the radio which can only mean one thing… ‘tis the season to be jolly!


I’m going to tag four people to do my Christmas Tag, in the form of Anna, Thom, Luke and Gabby. If I haven’t tagged you, but you still fancy giving it a go, then do it anyway! I’ll be looking out for responses so please do tweet me or comment below with your link!


Have an absolutely fantastic Christmas, and a happy New Year. I hope yule be back for more but, until next time, goodbye! 

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