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Jack Edwards, UK male lifestyle and student blogger shares his top 10 apps for education, perfect for homework planning, revision, student discount and more!

1st July 2017

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog – FINALLY! Exams are well and truly over, which means it’s time to spend some time recovering… namely, a fourteen-week summer holiday. However, I’ve actually been incredibly busy and non-stop ever since I put down that pen in my last exam – who knew having a social life again would be SO tiring? I’m used to just reading out of a textbook, not speaking to ACTUAL people! Sometimes, the best way to treat yourself after a long day is with a relaxing takeaway night-in, and so this week I’ve created a guide to the perfect one, which means you don’t have to!

(P.S: Prepare to have your mouth water uncontrollably - there's A LOT of delicious food in this post)

If, like me, you’re a pizza fanatic, the only way to kick off a dream night-in is with a delicious pizza. However, often takeaway pizzas are ridiculously expensive, and take so long to arrive that you spend half of your ‘relaxing night-in’ waiting by the front door and twiddling your thumbs. However, fear not pizza-lovers, as Chicago Town The Takeaway’s range of pizzas can be bought in advance, cooked from frozen, and enjoyed at EXACTLY the time you want them! Found in the freezer aisle of any good supermarket, these are hands-down THE BEST store-bought pizzas I have ever tried, with a thick, stuffed crust and rich flavours, without the huge price tag! The flavours pictured above are the ‘Four Cheese Melt’ (much more interesting than a margharita!), the ‘Pepperoni Plus’ and the ‘Pulled Beef Brisket’ which were all absolutely incredible. Of course, these aren’t your only options, and Chicago Town The Takeaway has also recently launched some sizzling new flavours – ‘Barbecue Feast’ and ‘Pulled Buffalo Chicken’ – which I will definitely be trying next time around as well! The Takeaway range is made with unique rising dough that isn’t pre-cooked, which gives a real takeaway taste straight from your very own oven. I genuinely felt like Gino D’Acampo serving up these beauties. And with zero effort required, you can ensure that you enjoy the ultimate takeaway taste, while maintaining maximum relaxation!


I partnered the pizza with some ~lightly-salted~ crisps to pick at, and some cloudy lemonade; literally poured straight from a bottle into the glasses, but with added ice cubes, mint leaves and lemon slices to give the illusion that I’d squeezed the lemons myself and laboured over it for hours, which I definitely hadn’t. Small touches like this really add something special and different to your meal, injecting a summery flavour to your takeaway night in, again without the effort or the cost! Boo-yah!

Nothing says ‘night-in’ to me more than my record player. There’s something about it that fascinates me every single time, and it feels quite special to have all my favourite albums on vinyl. This evening, I chose to listen to the sweet symphonies of Ben Howard’s ‘Every Kingdom’ – my ultimate comfort album. Those first few chords of ‘Old Pine’ strum against my heart strings, and I’m taken back to seeing him perform live at the Eden Project again. I find it so odd how a record can take you right back to a certain time in your life, but this one makes me think of hope and happiness and summer and Cornwall and I love it.


Then, I like to finish the evening with some proper trashy TV. Love Island has captured my heart, as with many other young adults around the country, for its blunt realism, hilarious wit and relatable contestants. This show, although incredibly flamboyant and ostentatious, feels so akin to the generation of which I belong, and is so much more than just ‘mindless bonking’, as I myself once perceived it to be. My personal favourites are Gabby and Marcel, Alex and Montana, and poor old Camilla, who just can’t catch a break. I’ve been really enjoying binge-watching this show recently, and escaping my own life for a bit to live vicariously through the lives of those partying it up in a villa in the Mallorca sunshine.

So there you have it – my perfect takeaway night-in! Shoutout to Chicago Town The Takeaway Pizza for sponsoring this post and for allowing me to have the most chilled, relaxing evening, and for the delicious pizza – thank you! Thanks also to YOU for reading this post, I hope it inspired you to take an evening off from your busy life to enjoy some tasty pizza! If you do check out the new flavours, be sure to share them with myself and Chicago Town on Twitter (@chicagotown) and Facebook! Much love as always, see you soon!

By Jack Edwards

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