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Jack Edwards, UK male lifestyle blogger presnts his top playlists for witer in collaboration with Amazon Music (including Pop, Rap, Bands, Party and Workout Playlist)

29th December 2015

Hello and welcome to the penultimate post in my series with Amazon Student. Today, I thought I’d help you get over the post-Christmas blues with some nifty playlists I’ve concocted courtesy of Amazon Music, which offers access to unlimited streaming of more than a million songs. This is, of course, included in the Amazon Student deal, which offers Amazon Prime with all the trimmings for just £39 per year, after having your first six months completely free! Here, there’s a variety of different playlists, each (hopefully) appealing to a slightly different audience or taste. Have a little scroll through and tell me which is your favourite playlist in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Songs to Sing in the Shower


This playlist is just oozing with guilty pleasures and exploding with catchy lyrics. From Shakira to the Spice Girls, these are the songs we all know and love, but will only confess to such things in the privacy of the shower. And by confess, I mean sing your heart out. The shower is your vocal booth; the patter of the water droplets your adoring crowd. In that shower, you are Adele and Beyoncé combined. To quote Simon Cowell, it’s a yes from me.

Pop Party Playlist


This playlist is the perfect collection of tunes which graced worldwide radios and charts throughout 2015. Featuring everyone from Justin Bieber to The Weeknd, this selection summarises the last 365 days in music in just eight songs. All of the songs are really catchy and guaranteed to put you in a good mood. You’ll probably be surprised by how many of the lyrics you already know! Pop this playlist on full-blast and dance like Drake.

Power Hour


After one (or twelve) too many mince pies over the festive season, a lot of us will be looking to regain some sort of figure in the first few months of 2016. Before this get-fit plan invariably goes to pot, you might as well give it a go and make workouts a little more bearable with this ‘power hour’ playlist. All of the songs are fun and upbeat; definitely something which makes you want to be up and moving. So, pull your hand out of that Quality Street tub and click play!

Band Aid


Moving away from the pop genre, here’s an alternative for fans of a different sound. My ‘Band Aid’ playlist features some incredible bands, including Bastille and Arctic Monkeys, as well as The 1975. These songs are gritty and sincere, so you can believe every word. Sometimes there’s nothing better than jamming out to a few classics from your favourite band, so this playlist would be perfect. Of course, you can also find full albums by any of these artists, so take a browse on Amazon Music’s extensive database to discover more.

Rap God


Go from being a Christmas Wrap God to an all-round Rap God with this classic hip-hop playlist featuring some absolute belters, from Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne to Snoop Dogg’s Drop It Like It’s Hot. Of course this playlist opens with Yeezus himself, as you may know that I can rap (loose term) all of the words to Gold Digger. These are the lyrics you’ll want to shout at the top of your lungs, so get learning!

Down in the Dumps


Okay, so we all have days where we’re feeling a little low and just want to wallow in our own sadness for a while. It happens. Find yourself a secluded place, stick this playlist on and just feel sad for a little bit – honestly, it’ll make you feel so much better. It’s often better to get your emotions out rather than trapping them all up inside, so you might as well make it at least a little bit less painful with some great music all about that exact emotion.

I hope these playlists give you some inspiration and satiate your music tastebuds! You can find these songs and over a million more over on Amazon Music which is included in the fantastic Amazon Student deal. Get involved on Twitter with the hashtag #AmazonStudent and check out the official account @AmazonUK profile to stay up-to-date with their brilliant daily deals. 


I'm currently listening to some Oh Wonder on a crackly vintage radio as I edit this blog post in a chalet in France! If that's not dedication, I don't know what is. This is going to be my last blog post of 2015 so thank you all for a brilliant year and see you very soon with some really fun content here on my blog and over on my YouTube channel in 2016. Happy New Year in advance and, until next time, goodbye!


DISCLAIMER: This is a paid for advertorial, kindly sponsored by Amazon, however all opinions are my own.

By Jack Edwards

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