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29th November 2015

A faint jingling is heard as the man dressed in all red approaches the house on a chilly winter's day. He feels an abrupt breath of the blowing wind through his white beard as he steps from his red vehicle, which has  come to resemble a hue not dissimilar to that of which singes his cheeks. The man has arrived to deliver something extremely special. He notices that the writing scrawled across the box cries ‘FRAGILE’ – perhaps an indicator that the chimney is off limits just this time. No, this man is not Father Christmas, he is in fact my Royal Mail postman, and today he delivered something VERY special.


Harrods is a name which has become somewhat synonymous with Christmas; the globally-esteemed London department store of dreams. This brand emanates luxury and festive spirit, so when Harrods asked if I’d like to review one of their mouth-watering annual Christmas Hampers, I’m not afraid to admit that I let out a little giggle of excitement. Today I have the privilege of being able to share the ‘Hyde’ hamper with you. Pop your reindeer slippers on, wrap up in the ugliest Christmas jumper possible, pour yourself a mug of steaming hot chocolate (or, alternatively, a glass of brandy) and let’s begin.


The Hyde hamper focuses on the classics of a truly traditional British Christmas, with delicious treats to prepare you for the festive season. Stunningly contained by a meticulously-crafted wicker box, you’ve got all the classics: Christmas cake, mince pies, biscuits, chutney and Christmas pudding. There is a mixture of sweet and savoury treats, alongside some tantalising spice-infused leaf tea and festive coffee with cinnamon, hazelnut and chocolate flavourings to make the perfect chrimbo-cuppas. My personal favourite items have to be the delectable chocolate selection and indulgent Turkish delight – just what the doctor ordered after a warm Christmas dinner.


One of the most exciting pieces from the hamper has to be Benedict, the special 30th anniversary Harrods bear. Dressed in a trendy red cardigan with gold features, Benedict is this year’s cuddly Christmas mascot and oH MY GOD HE’S SO FLUFFY. I feel like every child who grew up in the UK has always wanted one of these famous teddies and I can’t believe it took me all of seventeen years to finally get my hands on one.

All of the products are packaged beautifully in classic red, green and purple tones with overlaying gold features. Another of my favourite items has to be the two stunning fine bone china mugs. They are a fantastic memento of the world famous department store and make me feel ridiculously festive every time I sip steaming hot chocolate from them. There’s also a beautiful classic red and gold bauble which I can’t wait to hang from the pine branches of this year’s tree.


This hamper would make a great gift, particularly for someone who’s hosting Christmas or Boxing Day. The Hyde is basically Christmas in a box with all the trimmings! Other options are available (some with a bit more alcohol involved, FYI) and each include a selection of treats to satiate all tastes. They can be found and purchased over on the Harrods website: – tweet a picture to me, @jackbenedwards, and @Harrods and we can fangirl together!

Did it suddenly get all Christmassy up in here or is it just me? I feel like I should be hanging my stocking at the end of my bed and sitting down to watch Downton Abbey! Hopefully this has made you as excited as it made me – I’ve got loads more fun Christmas themed posts going up in the next dew weeks so watch out for them. Have a lovely week and, until next time, goodbye!​


By Jack Edwards

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