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Jack Edwards, UK male lifestyle blogger, presents Amazon Student prime offer / deal for education. Student discount, sponsored, brand deal, Men's, Lifestyle, Blog, Blogs

17th November 2015

Hello there! Today I have the privilege of introducing you to a fantastic campaign courtesy of the largest internet-retailer in the United States; an incredible bargain not to be missed. Amazon Student is an initiative launched by, a special deal for students which brings you the best of Amazon – with all the trimmings – but for half the price! Not only that, but if you join now you will also receive your first SIX MONTHS absolutely free. In this short series, I’m going to be sharing the best of Amazon Student and everything it includes. Sitting comfortably? Then let’s get started…


Amazon Student offers students, as well as NUS Apprentice Extra card-holders, access to a multitude of ultra-convenient shopping, entertainment and helpful storage services. The deal includes unlimited next-day delivery on millions of eligible items, including those text-books you forgot to buy and suddenly realised are pretty essential to your course. I somehow managed to misplace my copy of Arthur Miller’s modern tragedy ‘Death of a Salesman’ this week, but I had a replacement copy quickly ordered and delivered before my next lesson without a second of added stress. The service is incredibly handy, cleverly tailored to suit every student’s needs.


Prime Video is also included in the deal; offering over 15,000 brilliant movies to indulge in between study sessions. This includes the Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave, which is currently sitting atop my must-watch list. Other personal highlights include Argo and The Imitation Game; two brilliant films I’d definitely recommend. Likewise, no study session would be complete without good music – often my saving grace which gets me through long hours. Of course, Prime Music is also involved in Amazon Student, presenting over one million songs and hundreds of playlists, completely ad-free. Whether you’re spending long hours studying or getting pumped for a night out, every student needs good music in their life. I’d recommend Oh Wonder for study sessions and Justin Bieber’s new album (my current guilty pleasure) for party-prep!


After your six-month free trial has come to an end, you’ll still only pay £39 a year for Amazon Student. Let’s break that down faster than enzymes (bit of biology banter there for all you science-students). Thirty-nine divided by twelve months makes just £3.25 a month. Meanwhile, other well-known music-streaming websites will probably charge around £10 a month, as will movie-streaming services. That’s a total of £20 each month, compared to the £3.25 all-inclusive Amazon package (not to mention the 6 months free). I’m just going to put this out there for you to consider, but I’m pretty sure I know what I’d choose…


Other features include exclusive access to prize draws, lightening deals and unbelievable student offers. You’ll also get unlimited photo storage courtesy of Prime Photos – perfect for photography, art and media students, as well as anyone who loves getting creative with a camera… no euphemism intended. So what are you waiting for? Students rejoice, as Amazon have finally answered our prayers! Amazon Student offers affordable entertainment alongside loads of features immaculately tailored specifically to benefit us as students. Head over to to get started!


Get involved on Twitter with the hashtag #AmazonStudent and check out the official account @AmazonUK profile to stay up-to-date with their brilliant daily deals. Thanks for reading and, until next time, goodbye!


DISCLAIMER: This is a paid for advertorial, kindly sponsored by Amazon, however all opinions are my own.

By Jack Edwards

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