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Jack Edwards, UK male lifestyle and student blogger shares his top 10 apps for education, perfect for homework planning, revision, student discount and more!

30th January 2017

Hello and welcome back to The Jack Experience! I suppose I really ought to wish you all a Happy New Year, though I’m not sure it’s strictly accurate to refer to the year as ‘new’ on the 24th of January. Heck, 2017 has already graduated, got itself a mortgage and has a baby on the way. However, my absence from the blogging-world has been for good reason! As you will know if you’ve been avidly following me on my plethora of social media accounts, I recently announced that I’m going to be a host for the BBC! WHAT!!!! How absolutely bonkers is that? Trust me, I’m still pinching myself too. Last week I travelled to Northern Ireland to a fancy studio to record the project I’m working on, which you’ll be seeing in the not-too-distant future.


Luckily for me, my pals over at Knomo had me covered, and sent me this b-e-a-YOO-tiful leather bag to accompany my travels into the unknown (What? I’d never been to Northern Ireland before, okay). Thankfully, my other travel companion happened to be an actual real life human – and a very talented one at that – who helped me to create this lovely little lookbook showing off the wonders of the backpack. It has loads of really handy pockets on the inside, which were extremely handy while travelling. There’s a large slot for a laptop (as modelled by my 13” Macbook Pro, to give you an indication of size), as well as smaller pockets to hold my passport, phone, and book. Of course, you could fit PLENTY more things in the bag – I managed to carry all of my camera equipment as well, as the professional* blogger I am – and fill the pockets with different items of your choice. I’ve also been using the bag for college and it’s really useful for keeping everything organised. I guess it’s safe to say I’m a big fan. Here it is in all its glory…

This particular bag is the Albion Bag from Knomo (check it out HERE). I’d thoroughly recommend it to absolutely anyone – because EVERYONE needs a good backpack in their life. Special shoutout to my brilliant co-host Derin for helping me shoot the bridge pictures despite the FREEZING cold… you can check out the youtube video collaboration we shot while we were out in Derry here if you wish: CLICK ME FOR ETERNAL HAPPINESS AND GOOD FORTUNE (or just a standard youtube collab)


Thank you very much for reading and hopefully I’ll be seeing you soon! I promise I won’t leave it as long between blog posts this time, haha. Until next time, have the loveliest of days, and goodbye!

By Jack Edwards

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