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1st August 2018

Hello and welcome back to my blog! So, where have you been, I pretend to hear you ask? Well, I’ve been completely swept off my feet with everything that’s been going on recently, from finishing my first year at university, to attending London Fashion Week Men’s, being interviewed on Fox News NYC, and moving into a new student house! I’m exhausted just trying to remember it all. In amongst all of this craziness, it’s been crucially important to look after my skin and find an easy skincare routine to do so. Enter Freederm, who have been an absolute godsend for me. Check out my most recent weekly vlog to see how their brilliant skincare products have become part of my daily routine:


Body Wash:

If you’re prone to spots on your chest or back, this product is the one for you! It’s a gentle, antimicrobial wash which fights spot-causing bacteria and hydrates the skin, and slots right into your everyday routine by replacing other body washes or soap. It contains a very fancy-sounding ‘non-ionic soap substitute’ which helps to unblock pores – sounds good to me!

Overnight Clearing Serum:

A product I use before going to bed, helping to restore healthy skin texture! Working through the night whilst you take a much-deserved rest, this helps to reduce spot size and redness, as well as hydrating the skin as you sleep. Smooth over your face and throat with light, upward strokes and then head off to bed whilst Freederm does all the hard work for you. A whole new meaning to the phrase ‘beauty sleep’.


Sensitive Facial Wash:

Next, I’ve been using this face wash every single day to combat excess oil. This is specially formulated by experts to give your skin a really thorough cleanse… because my puppy isn’t the only one to have *pores* if you know what I’m saying. I’m applying this to my skin using a small circular motion, and then rinsing with warm water to remove. Just call me Kendrick Lamar because DAMN.

Perfecting Moisturiser:

This product provides fast, effective, and long-lasting hydration. I’m very grateful for this product, because my skin used to get as dry as the Sahara… honestly you could light a match on It. We’re all working on ourselves this 2018, okay? This product not only improves the texture of your skin making it silky smooth, but it also helps to combat blemishes, whilst remaining 100% oil free. HOLY GUACAMOLE. Disclaimer: it’s also 100% guacamole free.


Daily Complex:

I’ve always struggled with spot-prone skin, and so next comes the Daily Complex, which actually provides visible results after JUST. ONE. DAY. WHAT!? This is specifically formulated by experts to improve your complexion, and simultaneously supplements the epidermis, which sounds really, really clever… so IT MUST BE GOOD!

Huge thank you to Freederm for working with me and for stepping in to help me look after my skin in such a hectic time of my life! All products are available to purchase at any good drugstore, and you can find out even more information on the *Freederm website*. Thank you so much for reading, and I’ll see you very soon!

By Jack Edwards

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