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8th August 2016

I feel this blog post is a little over-June, and if you told me that it would already be August when I wrote it I’d say that Ju-lying. I tried. I really tried. Basically, I haven’t uploaded a ‘favourites’ blog post for a long old time, so today I thought I’d share some of my favourite things from the last few months. Time has been moving so quickly ever since my exams ended, and I’ve been a busy bee what with Uni visits, Duke of Edinburgh, working my part-time job and volunteering at my local library… that’s right, I’m a good person. Unfortunately, this has meant I haven’t really had much time to write, but today I wanted to rectify this and share a few of my favourite things!

1. Blvck Clothing


On a cool summer evening, when the sun starts to set and the stars take their place in the darkening sky, my ideal companion is a light and cosy hoodie. After endless hours of browsing the internet for the perfect one – and a few ‘accidental’ subsidiary purchases which I was at it – I believe I have finally found the perfect hoodie. Blvck Clothing can be found on both ASOS Boutique and Depop, with incredible collections of t-shirts, hoodies and hats in a variety of earthy-neutral tones. This particular number is a stone colour and is deliberately over-sized, in a way that still fits nicely and doesn’t look like a hand-me-down from someone far larger. It’s extremely comfy, and an absolute essential in my backpack when I’m out all day (and all night)!

2. Reasons to Stay Alive


Matt Haig’s novel can only be described as mind-blowing. It’s an emotional, gritty, raw and realistic approach to literature about mental health, and boy is it a roller-coaster. Truly, there is nothing glamorous about this book – but that’s exactly what’s brilliant about it. Depression is very real and this book aims to remove the bizarre stigma surrounding it and, what with it’s position as a best-seller, I think it’s done a pretty good job. It’s refreshing to read something so to-the-point; showing the reality of living with depression. Allow Haig to take you on an honest whistle-stop tour of his battle with depression, but be prepared to hold back the tears. This isn’t an easy read, but it’s a stunning one.



After my exams finished, my friends and I headed down to Brighton City Airport – which, incidentally, is actually in Shoreham. Wild Life Festival boasted a fantastic line-up featuring the likes of Rudimental, Bastille, James Bay, Disclosure, Jack Garratt, Skepta and Snakehips, fresh from being crowned ‘Best New Festival’ in the UK. Honestly, I can only describe this as being one of my favourite days; everything was perfectly executed and controlled; all the artists were incredible; the energy was electric. I actually uploaded a few clips from the festival to a recent Youtube video, which I’d love for you to check out HERE. Thanks for the fun, Wild Life, I’ll see you next year!

By Jack Edwards

4. Pokemon GO


Alongside the rest of the world, I have, of course, become enthralled in the pleasures of Pokemon Go. No, I am not immune to the global hype, which has helped me to rediscover the Pokemon world and fall back in love with my childhood obsession. Firstly, the whole idea is absolutely brilliant: being able to play Pokemon, but in the REAL WORLD. This is my childhood DREAM coming true, and I am determined to catch ‘em all. I’ve reached Level 16 so far, with a Snorlax, Golduck, Flareon and Starmie holding poll-positions in my collection of Pokemon. A definite low was walking around my neighbourhood in my Adidas slide-ons at midnight on the day the app launched, but I’d still recommend it. Good luck not becoming addicted.

5. New Look Shoes


New Look is rapidly becoming one of my top menswear brands – it has definitely stepped up its game to become a front runner in recent years, and this summer’s range is possibly the best available from any high street brand. A definite favourite are these incredible shoes, which have a funky knitted monochrome style. Perfect for holiday, these trainers are lightweight, comfortable and stylish, crafted with a material which hugs your feet when you wear them. I’ve actually been wearing mine to the gym for workouts recently as well. Coming in at just £25, they’re also an asbolute bargain. Durable, funky and brilliantly priced, these are my must-have shoes this summer! #ThisIsNewLook

6. M&S Smoothie


Marks and Spencer’s always delivers, and their recent ‘Spirit of Summer’ range is no exception. This bright and fruity range combines a perfect combination of snacks, sandwiches, drinks and sweet treats (the macaroons being another irresistible favourite), and epitomises summer very accurately. One thing I’d especially like to mention is the Mango, Passion Fruit and Orange Smoothie, which hits the spot on a warm day. This is the perfect pick-me-up on a summer's day, providing the perfect energy boost with its combinations of distinctively summery flavours.

7. I read ‘The Reader’


The Reader is a stunning novel depicting the controversial relationship between a 15-year-old boy and his ex-Nazi-collaborator fling. Without giving the plot away too much, she has been convicted of the most serious of crimes, with a lifetime sentence. The boy uncovers a secret from her troubled past which could save her from a life behind bars, but is torn as to whether she should intervene. Recommended to me by my History teacher, this is a page-turner putting a human face on some of the awful war crimes committed by the National Socialist Party and sparking fascinating internal debate both for the narrator and for the readers themselves. A truly incredible must-read.

7. New Look Shirt


Finishing again with New Look, I absolutely LOVE this shirt from their recent range. In a variety of cool dark colours, this can be dressed up or dressed down. This would be easy to shove into your backpack and stick on when the sun goes down and it gets a little chilly and is a new favourite item in my wardrobe. This shirt was an absolute bargain in the sale for just £10 is my ‘Summer Sale’ favourite. Also, if you do purchase any items from New Look, be sure to tag them on Instagram with #ThisIsNewLook for a chance to be featured on their funky new webpage – see if you can scroll down and spot me!

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