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3. Oh Wonder


I discovered Oh Wonder a few months ago and they have quickly cemented themselves as one of my favourite current bands. Their music is a sometimes-melancholic blend of beautiful harmonies which are really calming to listen to. Each song sounds like a hot shower feels like. My personal favourites include Drive, All We Do and Without You. I’d definitely recommend their breathy synth-pop debut, the eponymous and wildly creative ‘Oh Wonder’. Critics have been harsh when discussing the hushed and introverted sound Oh Wonder present on their first offering, however I think it’s a welcome change – and their sold out shows across Europe prove it. I’m going to be seeing them in Brighton next month, which makes me want to pee with excitement. I'll try not to pee.

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5th November 2015

Hello everyone! I absolutely love this time of year, when the morning air is chilly but not cold and the leaves crunch beneath your feet. Unfortunately, October is now Oct-over so today I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite things from the past month. Light some candles, sip some hot chocolate and put your feet up because it’s time for my October Favourites two-thousand-and-fifteen. You know the drill…

1. Tulleys Farm Shocktober Fest


Every year, Tulleys Farm in Crawley holds its infamous ‘Shocktober Fest,’ featuring live actors, street performances and incredible special effects in their haunted mazes. This year, a phenomenal eight ‘haunts’ were available and, for my first year, it certainly didn’t disappoint. I absolutely love the adrenaline rush of feeling scared, so Tulleys was the perfect place to get into the true spirit of Halloween. Why watch a scary film behind a cushion when you can live it? I’d thoroughly recommend this to anyone who loves Halloween and loves feeling terrified to the very core. Everything was put together with meticulous detail and the actors were absolutely phenomenal.

2. Topman Backpack


One staple item that every person needs is a good bag. I started college in September, so decided it was definitely time to update my collection. This Topman leather-look backpack is perfect for what I needed; roomy and effortlessly stylish. The bag is really high-quality and looks like it should be much more expensive than the small £28 I paid for it. I feel like that’s a great value for a rucksack, especially considering how often I use it. It’s important to spend your money wisely, as you’re purchasing something which you’ll carry on your back pretty much all the time at school or college. You need to find the middle-ground between something which is stylish, practical and cost-effective, and I believe this bag does the job!

4. Roll Neck Jumpers


2015 is the year that roll neck jumpers officially came back into mainstream fashion and I am SO HAPPY. They are style and comfort rolled up into one, and look good on pretty much anyone. I’ve collated a bit of a collection in black and grey hues; a new Autumn/Winter staple for me. Again, mine are all from Topman. They’re a great alternative to always wearing big chunky sweaters, and you’ll never forget to appreciate that extra warmth on your neck. Autumn is the perfect time for a good ol' fashion roll neck, especially teamed with a big coat or a blazer for a more casual attire, They can also be worn both casually and formerly, a versatility which makes them brilliant value for money.

6. Shockwaves Messy Hair Clay


As the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed, in June I uptown-funked my hair up and went for a new ‘do. I’ve been experimenting with a few different hair-waxes but I’ve finally found one I swear by. Messy Hair by Shockwaves is my weapon of choice, which does the job perfectly and actually holds my hair up, unlike many of the more expensive pomades. Firstly, it smells amazing, and, secondly, it actually works. It also has a matt appearance, meaning my hair doesn’t look wet and greasy; something I absolutely hate. I now have a stash of at least four of these, because I'm going through them quicker than a box of Celebrations, except there's no Bounty left behind.

7. James Bond – Spectre


At the end of October, the much-anticipated new Bond film was released. Spectre, like most of the productions in the impressive James Bond catalogue, was beautifully filmed and produced, with stunning scenery and fantastic special effects. I thoroughly enjoyed the film from start to finish; it’s fantastic escapism from the normalities of every day life. There was the right blend of comedy, action and adventure, with an interesting storyline, which made the movie a Spectre-cal of cinema. It's safe to say I enjoyed it ALMOST as much as I enjoyed my Tango slush-puppy and popcorn snack deal. Overall, it was a fantastic watch (you’ll understand this pun once you’ve seen the film).

5. Crosley Record Player


On a rainy day there is nothing I prefer to do than shoving on a warm sweater and dropping the needle on an Arctic Monkeys vinyl. Incidentally, October has provided its fair share of rainy days; opportunities to do just that. My black Crosley record player is a limited edition Urban Outfitters design, with stunning details including a rich suede cover. As aforementioned, I have a few Arctic Monkeys records, as well as alt-J, Ben Howard and Bastille. All of these LPs sound even better from the record player’s turntable, and the sound quality is far better than I expected. It looks great in my room, and just feels extra special to listen to one of my favourite albums on. It’s safe to say I’m obsessed.

That's all for now folks! Don't forget to check out my completed October playlist on Spotify to see my favourite songs of the last month and subscribe to my brand spanking new YouTube channel which I launched at the end of the month! I hope you had as great an October as I did - before we know it November will have Nov-ended. Have a fantastic day and, until next time, goodbye!

By Jack Edwards

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