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Jack Edwards, UK male lifestyle and student blogger shares the Panasonic BTS10 Wings review with a lookbook around Durham University and Cathedral

21st October 2017

Hey, hi, hello – me again! This week I received something VERY exciting in the post… Panasonic’s brand new Bluetooth earphones! It’s been just a week so far of using these beauties, and already I’ve realised that I had no idea how much I was missing without them in my life. They’re sleek and stylish, but also extremely practical, proving exceedingly useful in my new lifestyle at university. Removing the annoying wire from traditional headphones, Panasonic’s ‘Wings’ are incredibly versatile, and have been the perfect companion for working out, tidying up, and walking between lectures, as I’ll demonstrate below. But, firstly, let’s just admire these stunners for a moment, shall we? 100% my type on paper.

So what’s so great about them, I hear you cry? Not only are these earphones compact, ultra-light and moisture resistant, they also provide an incredibly high-resolution sound which is, quite literally, music to my ears. They are flexible and comfortable, thanks to their quick-fit adjuster, and can be recharged to provide over 4 hours of continuous playback!


Primarily, these earphones are designed to be used for sports, so I thought it was only right that I took them for a test spin! They certainly proved themselves when they became my newest jogging partner; super comfortable and providing an excellent sound. There were no wires to get in the way as I ran, and my phone was able to stay zipped up and secure in my pocket – something I was especially grateful for as I ran right next to a river – so it’s a big yes from me. Some songs I’d highly recommend to motivate you as you run would be Post Malone’s newest offering ‘Rockstar,’ Jorja Smith’s infectious ‘On My Mind,’ and Lauv’s funky ‘I Like Me Better.’

Next up: my ‘walking-between-lectures-and-definitely-not-getting-distracted-by-the-beautiful-cathedral’ playlist. This includes Lil Uzi Vert’s dreamy ‘The Way Life Goes,’ Khalid’s catchy ‘Location,’ and BØRNS’ power anthem ‘Electric Love.’ The headphones again are perfect for this; especially due to how light-weight and portable they are, so there’s no risk of having to sacrifice squeezing them into your bag in place of a mighty textbook. Durham is an incredibly beautiful city and UNESCO World Heritage Site, so I stopped at the Cathedral’s cloisters to pose with the earphones!

Finally, when a busy day is up, all you want to do is relax in your room. Of course, however, university halls have notoriously thin walls, and so blasting music out loud at full-blast is a bit of a no-go zone, unless being ostracised by your entire flat is something you’re into. Enter these headphones, coming straight to your rescue to provide all your favourite tunes, without making everyone hate you… it’s a win-win! One thing I found these earphones particularly useful for, due to their wireless-ness, was tidying up. Yeah, that’s right, I’m a real adult. Being able to move around and sort out my room without a rogue wire getting in the way and ripping an earbud from my ear has completely changed the game, and I’m oh-so-thankful for it. My chill room playlist consists of Lewis Capaldi’s haunting ‘Fade,’ SZA and Chance the Rapper’s silky ‘Child’s Play,’ and Two Feet’s laid-back ‘Her Life.’

And there you have three ways to use these incredibly useful, stylish and versatile earphones! The Panasonic BTS10 Wings are available on and full details can be found over on the Panasonic website! I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed making it - I got to explore a lot more of Durham which is always a pleasure. Huge shoutout to Panasonic for kindly sponsoring this post and sending me their luscious new earphones - I'd genuinely highly recommend them. Thanks again for reading. Until next time, goodbye!

By Jack Edwards

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