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8th October 2016

It’s officially October and that can only mean one thing… HALLOWEEN!!!! And, of course, Halloween would not be complete without an obligatory trip to Tulleys Farm’s famous Shocktober Fest; a unique and immersive Scream Park, which will certainly get you in the spooky spirit! Why just watch a horror film when you can experience it? Tulleys very kindly invited me along to their celebrity / press night last night, and, once again, their freaky festival did not disappoint - I had the best time!


If you don’t know what I’m talking about, allow me to explain: Tulleys is essentially a horror theme park, which opens its doors every October to the public, hosting live actors, amazing street performances, music stages, food stalls and eight terrifying horror-mazes. You walk through each of the haunted attractions in small groups, through amazing scenery and designs, meeting some unfamiliar faces along the way. These trained actors are absolutely extraordinary, and never fail to blow me away (as well as scaring the sh*t out of me, mind you). There’s witches, demons, clowns, nurses and zombies, with incredibly intricate costumes and special effects make-up. Even as you walk around the venue, you are immersed in the Halloween spirit, with terrifyingly brilliant street performers walking around the premises to keep you entertained. Our personal favourites were the zombie-nurses, as pictured below…

Every year there’s something new to experience, as well as all the classics. New for 2016 was ‘Coven of 13’; a witches’ grove complete with lasers, fire and a hell of a lot of screaming. Without giving too much away, the set uses technology to its advantage and has a lot of jump-scares, which will certainly get your heart racing. ‘Chop Shop’ is another firm fan favourite, with chainsaws and gory designs all part of the package. Each ticket allows you to explore each of the eight attractions once, so you’ll definitely need to make time to do it all – I’d recommend at least 4 hours to get the most of your trip!


Of course, it would not be Shocktober without the famous Horrorwood Hayride; a journey through the woods on the back of a tractor which takes you to loads of different sets, each with their own creepy residents. Don’t be surprised if these characters decide to hitch a lift on the back of your trailer, or interact with the crowd. Keep an eye out for the three little pigs (with chainsaws), the cast of Alice in Wonderland and the sleazy cowgirl – my personal faves. It’s creepy and exciting, but with a hint of comedy too.

Due to the nature of a scream-park, it obviously wasn’t really possible for me to take too many pictures to share with you… I guess you’ll just have to go and see it for yourself to believe it! Prepare to be immersed in the 'gory days' of Tulleys Farm, for an experience you won’t forget in a hurry. There’s also scrumptious street food, live music across two stages and a bar, so there’s plenty to do even if you’re not wanting to go into the haunts. Also, if you’re not a fan of queuing, there are ‘Fast-Track’ and 'VIP' ticket options available too!


I loved it so much, I’ve already booked my second trip this month for the 20th of October! I’d give Tulleys a solid 5 stars once again this year – whether you’re a newbie or a long-term fan, I guarantee you’ll love it! Don't forget to give their website a peak for more information and photographs, which you can access HERE. Until next time, have a lovely day and I’ll catch you soon, goodbye!

By Jack Edwards

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